We've got a slew of not-so-hidden talents. Infinity Media is a full-service interactive digital agency, covering everything from web design to social media strategy and app development. Basically, anything you'd like to achieve online - we can facilitate that. Our core strengths come from the wide variety of skills within our team, enabling us to serve our customers by creating and implementing large projects from scratch and coaching them to administer them afterwards in a simple and effective manner.

No matter the nature of your project, whether it's a small website redesign or a full mobile app creation - we have the resources and can adapt to each project's needs and specifications. We can help you launch new products and create life-cycle marketing strategies to enable their long-term success.

  • Strategy & consulting
  • web design
  • WEB development
  • wordpress development
  • social media
  • usability


Custom platforms are a big part of our services offering. Anything that you can imagine, we can build. From WordPress themes and plugins to specialized software platforms - we have every skill available to design, test, integrate and monitor web apps.

You might need something that no script on the market was designed to do. We just need your specifications and we'll find a solution that best solves your problem. We can integrate 3rd party applications and design bits and pieces that make them fit perfectly into your website. For example, you might need a custom ecommerce module - a shopping cart to have on your website. We can create it and mold it into the existing fabric of your business, whilst keeping the experience coherent and in sync with your brand image and message.

E-commerce Integration

Either by using open source scripts like OSCommerce or Magento, or paid ones or even freshly created ones - we will find the best solution to implement and have your products enabled for online selling. From shopping cart to payment gateway - we've got it all covered.


Creating an engaging Facebook business page requires using advanced techniques, like multiple tab pages or surveys and contests. It also means we can use this Facebook technology to create Facebook logins for your website or company blog and use analyzing tools for a better insight into the characteristics of your Facebook fans.

We design and propose strategic branding and marketing plans lay out according to your online purposes.

First, we analyze together with our customers the current state of their business and where they see themselves ideally. We offer advice on strategy steps that need to be taken and explain their reasons and benefits. You might not know exactly what you want - we can help you find some clarity and focus, define a whole plan to envision the future of your business. We'll help you decide and make the best choices, technology and content wise, and after everything is approved we move forward with the creation of the project.


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