Whatever you need to do online, Infinity Media can help. Whether it’s enhancing an existing site, building a new website, getting eyeballs on your site, updating the brand of your site or socializing your site, we have the team, tools, technology and tenacity to get it done.


Online branding is the cornerstone to building sustainable, long-term brand awareness, loyalty and success.

Online branding is a many-layered cake. Tone, color scheme, navigation—everything has to be carefully crafted to form a successful and cohesive online brand strategy. It takes a thorough knowledge of an organization and its subsequent industry to lay the foundation for a successful strategy. That’s where we come in.

Strategy & Consulting

First, we will analyze the market and conduct a complete site audit. It’s imperative we understand your business before we dive into design and messaging, where we will create a brand persona and voice. Once we understand your company’s goals and mission, we can create a site that brings you closer to those objectives, whether that’s assisting with product development, creating a monetization strategy or building an online business plan template.

Web Design

We are first and foremost focused on user experience design. A well thought-out website not only makes it more enjoyable to use, but actually increases conversions. Every site we design maximizes conversion science, while preserving the highest level of usability. If a user enjoys visiting your site (because it’s intuitive, attractive and has a sense of delightfulness), they are much more likely to remember your brand and return again and again.

Content Strategy

The difference between a good copywriter and a great copywriter can mean everything in terms of a successful online brand—we never bother with just “good.” Your website has to clearly and concisely explain what you do, who you are in relation to your competition and why the user should care. And it has to do that with flair. The voice or persona of a site is critical in building brand loyalty, and it needs to be carried consistently throughout the site.

Web Development

The number one reason users leave a site? It’s too slow. Building a successful online brand means that your website has to be fast, efficient and reliable. And it has to look perfect on all popular browsers. We conduct extensive testing to ensure that all websites we build are 508 and cross-browser compliant, load quickly and utilize the most up-to-date technology available.


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